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Workforce Development: Canada.

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Project goalS

Empower entrepreneurs, connecting them to their relative industries and training them on how to develop smart lean small and medium businesses.

Develop specific training programs using our expertise in supply chain mapping and strategy development, and considering  target groups needs: 

A-Newcomer Refugees

Assist the Canadian government to settle Syrian Refugees in the Metropolitan Toronto Area through workforce development training.

B-Women Entrepreneurs

Provide capacity building for women to develop their ideas into business plans, allowing them to contribute to the betterment of their communities. 



Training Formats

Developed in 3 years




Trainers & facilitators engaged


Participants trained



Developed business plans


Registered new businesses


Developed new career goals


Engaged in local commercial development

A- Newcomer Refugees

The Challenges: 

When Canada accepted 25,000 Syrian refugees between 2015 and 2016, the Canadian and Ontario governments required immediate help in assisting Syrian refugee entrepreneurs.

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Programs were needed for these entrepreneurs to successfully set up and develop small and medium enterprises in the Greater Toronto Area. The Syrians in particular have entrepreneurial skills; however, those skills are not necessarily transferable. Therefore, as new comers they risk becoming a liability and be dependent on social welfare. Settlement agencies felt the need to intervene and Wafaa was ready to take part of this venture bringing her expertise working with SMEs and economic development project as well as her knowledge of the Syrian culture and language skills.

The project aimed to:

  • Provide raining on starting an enterprise in the Canadian business environment.
  • Develop a curriculum and bring in experts to deliver training in both English and Arabic languages.
  • Enable participants to develop their ideas into business plans and to build their capacities to pitch their ideas to potential investors and partners.

The Solution: 

In collaboration with ACCESS Employment and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), Local2Global Solutions was contracted to lead a collaborative bilingual initiative to establish Arabic and English training seminars. This first ever in Canada program to offer targeted assistance for entrepreneurs in both English and Arabic language.

B- The women Entrepreneurs

The Challenges:

In East Toronto, some new developments and gentrification (upgrading of real estate) are presenting a challenging change in the demographic dynamics.Women approached the local community center with ideas for new businesses. 


They wanted to  contribute to the betterment of their communities. They lacked skills and knowledge to access the Business environment


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The project offered need assistance for training participants to develop their ideas into business plans and to be capable of sharing and pitching their ideas. It was developed in partnership with a local community centre in East Toronto, Ontario: The Vicotria Park Hub, Working Women Community Center, the Flock Program sponsored by United Ways. It 

The project aimed to:

  1. Build group capacity to develop their ideas into business plans and pitch it to investors.
  2. Develop linkages and networking among the group and with potential partners and supporters.
  3. Advise individuals on their business plans and answer their specific needs. 

The Solution:

New opportunities for micro and small business were presented to participants, building on the growing peer to peer (P2P) and sharing economy business model potentials. Women entrepreneurs developed their business ideas into business plans; walked out of the training program transformed. Participants had tools and were enabled to speak a new business language and pitch their project ideas to investors and banks. At the end of the training, all participants were able to pitch to financial institutions’ representatives from Ernest and Young and TD bank.

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